Wednesday, August 25, 2004

just when i was thinking ILM had gone a bit, kinda, shite, it redeems itself with this absolutely crucial thread.

the answer is: Barney stole my girlfriend (sniff)

only kidding/ look, just to set the record straight:

loves: "Everything's Gone Green", "Temptation", "Thieves Like Us" (romantic associations, that one)

likes: "Ceremony", Power Corruption and Lies, Low-Life, "True Faith",. "Regret"

dislikes: Movement (not short of company there, eh?), "Blue Monday" (actually it's grown on me over the years but at the time, found it really irritating), "Confusion" (it's basically "I.O.U" by Freez, which i hated. the "Confusion" video, though, showing now on VH1 Classic, is a great snapshot of Latin Freestyle New York clubland, Hispanic kids going down the Funhouse, New Order watching the dancefloor response as Jellybean drops dubplate prototypes of the track. Possibly the only documentation extant of this scene, criminally)

indifferent: the rest

i don't think anyone could honestly say New Order contributed anything much to rave culture apart from the endless financial haemorrhage of funding the Hac's construction (Steven Morris told me they worked out it that for every person who walked through its doors, they effectively gave each one of them 10 quid!) plus putting the line "E is for England" in "World In Motion"

and yes i was mostly just trying to wind-up my esteemed colleague Mr. Lester, but also believe there is a weird not fully warranted mystique surrounding this group

okay now that urgent business is sorted!

also have high hopes of this thread

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