Wednesday, November 02, 2005

gloom in the room

always pleased to find it’s not just a case of my suspect faculties misinterpreting the data as per usual, but to get confirmation from the youngers that the gruel actually is getting a wee bit thin 'n' watery out there in music-land. Specifically, martin blackdownsound notes a perturbing lull in grime, while even those of generally poptimistic disposition such as matos are glum, finding it a real chore sifting through all the so-so in order to fill up a cd-r , which leads him to conclude that 2005 is "the worst year for pop music I've yet lived through." His older mate says "nah, 1975, much worse", but seriously, check what came out in '75... 05 by comparison makes the pre-punk nadir look like a ruddy golden age.

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