Thursday, November 17, 2005

Major battle for your entertainment dollar* in new york city this friday, i.e. tomorrow. On the one hand, you can hear me and Paul Kennedy deejay at Geeta's birthday party at subTonic (107 Norfolk Street) along with The Bunker residents Spinoza and Movement. Party starts at 10pm, goes to 4Am; I think I'm supposed to be on first, with a concept loosely based around the year 1990 (which i believe is roundabout when Geeta first got into music) so expect a non-beatmixed selection of bleep 'n' baggy. Paul, I imagine will be ranging from lover's rock to grime to all across the spectrum.

However, it behoves me to inform that Kode 9 and his big bag of subplates are in town the very same night. Rothko and subTonic are within a few blocks of each other, though, so oscillating between the two is perfectly feasible.

* the subTonic/Bunker event is actually free admission, making it the competitive option for those of reduced means, or if you're a cheapskate

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