Tuesday, February 13, 2007

gotta lotta interesting feedback about metal (hipster versus real etc), the fruits of which
will end up on here fairly soon

something i recalled mid-dialogue with one correspondent struck me as quite revealing viz.
a dubstep/metal overlap and that is the fact that Radio 1's dubstep supporter Mary Anne Hobbs used to be a metal chick

and then, lo and behold, what arrives in the in box this afternoon but an email from Jamie Vex'd saying that the Breezeblock session on Hobbs' show this week is going to be "a Vex'd vs Distance 'avant metal' mix"!!

the tracklist is:
> > > Sunn 0))) - "Sin Nanna"
> > John Richards ft Genia- "Suite No 2 for Piano & Electronics (Vex'd > > Remix)"
> > (Khanate - "Release")
> > Dillinger Escape Plan - "Phone Home"
> > Vex'd - "Killing Floor"
> > Distance - "Taipan"
> > Distance - "Ska"
> > (Destructo Swarmbots / Isis - "From sinking, to: Drowing")
> > Distance - "Traffic"
> > Vex'd - "Nails"
> > Napalm Death - "Our Pain Is Their Power"
> > (Celtic Frost - "Human")
> > Godflesh - "Vein"
> > (Sunn 0))) - "Cry For The Weeper")
> > Techno Animal ft Sonic Sum - "DC-10"
> > Isis - "Carry"
> > Cult Of Luna - "Arrival"

the show airs thursday at 2AM London time (not sure if that means wednesday night after midnight or thursday night after midnight), you can listen live via the Hobbs/Radio 1 link above, and Jamie says he is also going to put up an mp3 of the breezeblock mix at myspace.com/vexd on friday.

i asked Jamie if it was true about Mary Ann's headbanger past and apparently she was a metal journalist and (he thinks) hosted a rock show on radio 1.

interesting to see godflesh in the mix, i remember in interviews (paul oldfield did one i seem to recall) broadrick & co used to go on about the convergence of the heaviness of dub with the heaviness of metal

also Khanate, of all the things i checked out on my trawl of the nether realms i think they were the most impressive, a really sculptural quality to the sound that put me in mind of some sort of ungodly merger of Pink Flag Wire and Cop Swans

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