Wednesday, February 21, 2007

use your delusion

talking of Morley, on the one hand I totally understand where he's coming from with this -- so many four and five stars reviews ('course my four and five star reviews, they're fully deserved, innit!), so many exalted comparisons: how can there be this much attention-deserving music around? But then on the other hand I totally don't understand where he's coming from, cos in recent years it's felt to me as though that rockcritical sub-genre, the "I have seen the future of..." histrionic OTT rave review, has completely faded away. (Perhaps because of a creeping culture-wide sense of inconsequentiality? If no one can convince themselves that the future of anything hinges on group x or genre y, how could they even begin to consider slipping into that rhetorical mode, those oracular cadences?). Which is why I kinda enjoyed the NME rave review for the Klaxons debut that folks were ragging on a couple of weeks back, as a flashback to the rash proclamations and enthused over-estimations of distant yore. I mean, rather that--History-heedless young hotheads getting carried away--than the wizened cynicism so prevalent nowadays.

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