Friday, December 19, 2008


8 for 08

Vampire Weekend
Giggs, Walk In Da Park
Portishead, Third
Kanye West, 808s and Heartbreak
Gang Gang Dance, Saint Dymphna
Crystal Castles
Backyardigans/Evan Lurie & Doug Wieselman, Born To Play
High Places

the next 8

Beck, Modern Guilt
Dusk + Blackdown, Margins Music
Moon Wiring Club, Shoes Off and Chairs Away
Data 70, Space Loops Volume One/Volume Two/Volume Three
Rings, Black Habit
Quiet Village, Silent Movie
Skull Disco, Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals
The Advisory Circle, Other Channels

another 8

Zomby, Where Were U in '92?
High Places, 03-07- 09-07
Andrew Poppy, ... And the Shuffle of Things
Daedelus, Love To make Music To
Juana Molina, Un Dia
Tobacco, F***ed Up Friends
The Stranger, Bleaklow
Neil Landstrumm, lord for £39

8 not made in 08

Lily Greenham, Lingual Music
John Baker, The John Baker Tapes, Volume 1/Volume 2
Gas, Nah und Fern
Warner Jepson, Totentanz and Other Electronic Works 1958-1973
Bernard Parmegiani, L'Oeuvre Musicale
The Lines, Flood Bank
The Lines, Memory Span
Kevin Ayers, Songs for Insane Times: An Anthology 1969-1980

38 tunes from 08

The Blackout Crew, "Put a Donk On It"
Vampire Weekend, "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"
Vampire Weekend, "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance"
Vampire Weekend, "M79"
Vampire Weekend, "Campus"
Giggs feat Kyze, "Rat A-Tat Tat"
Giggs, "Open Up"
Giggs, "Tempa Tempa"
Portishead, "Silence"
Portishead, "The Rip"
Portishead, "Threads"
Backyardigans feat Alicia Keys, "Almost Everything is Boinga"
Backyardigans, "Go Go Go"
Backyardigans, "Into the Deep"
Backyardigans, "Call of the Mermaid"
Crystal Castles, "Courtship Dating"
Crystal Castles, "Magic Spells"
Crystal Castles, "Crimewave"
Gang Gang Dance, "House Jam"
Gang Gang Dance, "Dust"
High Places, "Namer"
High Places, "From Stardust to Sentience"
Kanye West, "Love Lockdown"
Kanye West, "Welcome to Heartbreak"
Beck, "Gamma Ray"
Beck, "Replica"
Belong, "Beeside"
Lil Wayne, "A Millie"
Erykah Badu, "The Healer"
Paleface feat Kyla, "Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix)"
Tricky, "Council Estate"
Wiley, "Wearing My Rolex"
MGMT, "Time To Pretend"
Peacemakers feat Danelle Senior, "Take it to the Dancefloor"
Pink, "So What"
T.I.feat Kanye West,Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, "Swagger Like Us"
Nico Muhly, "The Only Song"
Ting Tings, "Great DJ"
Solange, "I Told You So"

bars of 08

I'm like Superman without kryptonite
Phat as hell without cellulite
And I look well sick in the UV light


When I'm coming
You better get running,
You better get gone
Or you're gonna get done in

--MC Cover, Blackout Crew