Thursday, December 04, 2008

That Kanye at the American Music Awards quote in full:

"I wake up in the morning just thinking about which stereotypes I want to break … I see artists like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Chris Martin all in the same room, and we're going to push this music to the point where it was like in the sixties, in the seventies, where you talk about Led Zeppelin and Hendrix and the Beatles. We will be the new Beatles, the new Hendrix."

Good luck with that pipe dream Kanye--if that's your peer group, you're gonna need it!

Some facts and figures I shoulda included in the piece:

Where Axl took 633 weeks (guesstimate) to make his album, Kanye took 3 and a half...

Apparently there's six people credited for "additional Pro Tools" on Chinese Democracy (which suggests that there's at least one other figure responsible for primary Pro Tools work on the album...) Talk about too many cocks spoiling the broth!

Jeremy Gilbert draws my attention to the odd echo of New Order's Power Corruption and Lies in the colour strip down the side of 808s & Heartbreak 's cover:

Wouldn't surprise me at all if he'd been listening to New Order; the influence-palette of the record is very white (there's a Tears for Fears sample in one tune) and the vibe is very very emo (emotionally immature young man berates woman who's evilly broken his heart). It's quite an undignified record really, but interesting enough to get me interested in him again (completely didn't bother with Graduation).