Saturday, August 01, 2009

Interesting Zomby quotes in a recent interview:

on why he did Where Were You in 92:

"I was growing up in the middle of the greatest dance music scene the UK has ever seen, I guess, so it’s natural to me, but might seem shockingly different to other material of mine you’ve heard. I was like 12 in ‘92 and in record shops with friends ready to soak up all the sounds coming next, you know, and that’s what we did. It’s all really natural to me, you have to understand the music I make is in me, I don’t make hardcore as a pastiche or homage, I am a product of it all. My generation who loved the music will tell you the same thing, you know. You can choose to highlight different ends of the spectrum in different ways: from hardcore to jungle, from garage to whatever - you can’t turn your ears off."

so nuum runs in his blood, it's his musical DNA basically (as it is for Cooly G, almost literally, her mum having been a raver)

of course from my perspective it makes total sense that the two w***ky producers i find most exciting are the ones with the closest relationship to the nuum (the other being Joker, much of whose stuff is like a cinematic, polished version of the Terror Danjah/Davinche/Low Deep grime template, kind of like hidden agenda vis-a-vis jungle back in the day)

and then Zomby on his Animal Collective "Summertime Clothes" remix:

"I did a ‘92 hardcore mix [but] they preferred the more experimental one I did smashed on psychotropic drugs which is you know - fine - we ran with that."

Hang on--color me confused here! He's... joking, obviously. Right? Because, like, the impression I'd been given was that he only ever makes music in a condition of absolute mental clarity, calmly plotting out his metrical aberrations on graph paper. Resulting in amazing tracks like this, a drumless slice of pure braindance.

Terrific use of the Stargate sequence from 2001, A Space Odyssey, there.

I reckon he should do another video (perhaps for "Mescaline Cola" on the new EP?) using sequences from Ken Russell's Altered State...