Saturday, August 01, 2009

"we've come to equate machines with funkiness"

now this is not only a good laugh but actually quite musical i think

also reminds me of the art of noise video with the 8 year old punkette chopping up musical instruments with a chainsaw

wait a minute here's the official "chainsaw calligraphy" video with actual girls wielding chainsaws

and here's a megamix of all three tracks on the EP

yeah i'm all for these bastard children of "spongebob"

i mean, where would you rather be--in the midst of a crowd aving it apeshit to this sort of scato-splatterbass?

or in the midst of headz sagely nodding (off, more like!) to moist 'n' milky minimalism such as this "talisman" of a track?

it's like wax doctor all over again

and (like wax doctor) adds weight to this infallible gauge i have whereby wackness of name is directly proportionate to wackness of music

(same goes for track titles actually -- "hyph mngo"! to say it is to sound like you're spluttering in laughter)

yeah as per raffertie the ludic, maximalist direction in post-wobble is the way to go i think... okay there's a bit of Shitmatty A.D.D. in the production, but strangely that is much more tolerable and enjoyable at the slow 'n' low tempos of dubstep

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