Friday, January 28, 2011


Two upcoming events of particular interest to Blissblog readers: Jonny Mugwump's Weird Tales for Winter Season 2 and The Wire's Off the Page writing-about-music festival.

Date: Friday 11 - Sunday 13 February 2011
Venue: The Playhouse, Whitstable, U.K.
Produced by: Sound and Music and The Wire

Sound and Music and The Wire present Off the Page, the UK’s first ever literary festival devoted to music criticism. Taking place at the Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable, on the South coast, this weekend-long event will feature a host of internationally-renowned critics, authors, musicians and artists discussing the current state of underground and experimental music in a programme of talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops.


Friday 11 February, 7pm – 10.30pm
Presentation: Robert Wyatt on his favourite music
Short films hosted by BFI and introduced by Jonny Trunk: Tristram Cary on film

Saturday 12 February, 10am – 10.30pm
Talk: Ken Hollings on the post-Cageian universe
Talk: Rob Young and Matthew Herbert on the impact of musique concrète on contemporary sonic culture
Talk: Steve Beresford and John Kieffer in conversation
Talk: Kodwo Eshun on his favourite music writing
Talk: Dave Tompkins on the history of the vocoder, from its use in the Second World War to its role in the era of Auto Tune
Talk: Teal Triggs on Fanzines
Presentation: Christian Marclay
Short films hosted by Lux: Cage On Cable

Sunday 13 February: 11am – 5pm
Roundtable discussion: including Mark Fisher, Nina Power, and The Wire editors on the role of music criticism on print and the Web
Panel discussion: Salome Voegelin, David Toop, Daniela Cascella on the philosophy of listening
In conversation: Green Gartside with Mark Fisher discussing politics and cultural theory in pop culture and music
Performance lecture: Claudia Molitor, Jennifer Walshe, Sarah Nicholls on music notation

More information here

2/ Jonny Mugwump presents Weird Tales For Winter Season 2
Resonance FM 104.4 FM 29/01/11 - 05/02/11

Following the success of Weird Tales For Winter’s inaugural season - which seeped out over the airwaves during the cold early weeks of 2010 and featured contributions from Belbury Poly, John Foxx, Moon Wiring Club, Radio Joy, Mordant Music, Vanessa Daou and other lurkers on the threshold - Jonny Mugwump has built on the reputation of his Exotic Pylon radio show with Resonance FM to invite you to experience a second season of narrative peculiarity and timbral disturbance, commencing on Saturday 29th February at 9:30pm. In addition to the Weird Tales themselves, Resonance and FNOOB Underground will be broadcasting a series of exclusive mixes from Cottage of Electric Hell, K-Punk and Pye Corner Audio - sonic spells designed to further erode the membrane between our dimension and the realm beyond.


29/01/11 – 22.30
The Advisory Circle & Moon Wiring Club
The Gateway Of The Monster by William Hope Hodgson
[Part One]

31/01/11 – 0.00
The Advisory Circle & Moon Wiring Club
The Gateway Of The Monster by William Hope Hodgson
[Part Two]

01/02/11 – 01.00
From A Skip In Soho

02/02/11 – 01.00
In The Cinema Tree With Orbiting Heads

02/02/11 – 01.15
Misty Roses
The Clock by W. F. Harvey

03/02/11 – 01.00
Eyeless in Gaza
The Shadow by Hans Christian Andersen (trans. M. R. James)

04/02/11 – 01.00
Jonny Trunk

05/02/11 – 0.30
Dolly Dolly
Postmen, Porpoises And Lederhosen

05/02/11 – 22.30
Ensemble Economique & The Outer Church
The House On The Borderland (excerpt) by William Hope Hodgson


29/01/11 – 21.30
Pye Corner Audio (Resonance 104.4 FM)

02/02/11 – 22.00
Cottage of Electric Hell (FNOOB Underground (

05/02/11 – 21.30
K-Punk (Resonance 104.4 FM)

More information here, twitter feed here