Wednesday, January 26, 2011

still has that waiting-for-the-year-to-start feeling don't it?

call this a micro-feeling maybe

couple of digging-thises

reviewed this for the new issue of The Wire, excellent

you can see the official video over at Pitchfork tv

the first offering from new cassette label Brunch Groupe started by Joe Knight of Rangers and friends -- the artist/project goes by the name KWJAZ -- hard to describe...Zoviet France doing a decomposed ambient take on Smooth FM lite-jazz?... reference points apparently include Dilla and Jon Hassell circa Power Spot. Out sometime in February.


both Underneath the Pine and KWJAZ are examples of the underground's love affair with bygone slickness and luxury (a transvaluation that echoes the Scritti/Orange Juice/Prefab etc move of 30 years ago...)

one of the things i liked about the Rangers LP was the way there's all this exquisite filigreed playing submerged within the fog of reverb and FX

this tune--one of my favourites on Suburban Tours--makes me think of the wistful soundtrack music to Gregory's Girl (as played by some Scotfunk outfit) refracted through Dif Juzzy haze