Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the Panda Bear fans are getting frustrated at the lack of leaks on Tomboy

so frustrated in fact that i actually got an inquiry from a complete stranger about whether i would be up for sharing some tracks!

on a music board the subject came up of me and similar promo recipients being too "respectable" to leak the album!

sorry Panda Bear fans, no music for you, but a thought:

you know this sort of maddening itchy excited-but-frustrated feeling you're going through? really really really wanting to hear the album but not being able to, yet? that's what life was like for music fans in the not-so-distant past (the Nineties). and that was a good feeling. so try living in it, for sure it'll be an acquired taste for members of the "want it NOW" generation, like black olives, or S&M... it's called anticipation and it'll make the pleasure of actually hearing the record for the first time all the keener