Friday, February 18, 2011

some nominations for Rock-Identified Chaps Having A Go At Electronic Music

(both from bloggers-turned-recording-artists-of-substance as it happens)

Gutterbreaks aka Ekoplekz mentions George Harrison's Electronic Sounds, Roger McGuinn's "Moog Raga" (McGuinn, in a 1970 interview: "It's in the can at Columbia, it's in the library and will never be released because it's out of tune -- that's the only reason."--but it's apparently on the expanded reissue of Notorious Byrd Brothers), and the Stones "mucking about with a moog", as in this:

Matthew Ingram aka Woebot proffers what may well beat all-comers, a side project by Robbie Robertson

now, didn't Lou Reed make a New Age album a few years ago? Hudson River Wind Meditations? I downloaded it from eMusic for my aunt-in-law, who's into New Age, but can't remember if it was guitar-based or electronic.

keep 'em coming

also, really interested in ideas for people who haven't but you wouldn't mind if they did/might just possibly aquit themselves tolerably well...

BTW, someone reminded me that Lloyd Cole, when asked what his favourite album was not so long ago, said Computer World. So that possibly goes some way to explaining Plastic Wood and the affinity with Roedelius