Friday, March 25, 2011

Licensed to Sick(en)

"Currently trending on Twitter and set to debride contemporary hip hop in the next year "--debride eh, so someone else has been following the alarming recent uptick in stories about flesh-eating bacteria...

that's from this interesting Quietus piece from a few weeks back on Odd Future

my tuppenny worth

1/ Teenage boys are just horrible, it transcends race. I can remember being one. My brothers and I liked punk (initially at least)not for all the right right-on reasons but because of the stories about vomiting at airports, Sid Vicious cutting himself onstage. We liked Devo because they were sick.

2/ C.f Big Black, Nick Cave in girl-murder-mode, early TG, Whitearse, et al, there's an argument for the defence that sometimes gets mounted, a variant on Artistic License... the idea is that the Artist is imagining how the world looks like from inside the mind of the psychopath, investigating extremes of human psychology and human experience... But, strangely, them being so imaginative and all, this sort of artist never, ever, seems drawn to imagining how things look from the victim's point of view. It seems to hold no attraction to them. Funny that! I haven't trawled through their corpus (corpse-us?) exhaustively, but I'd be extremely surprised if Odd Future have any lyrics written from the viewpoint of someone being raped/murdered.