Wednesday, March 02, 2011

okay then

a throwdown to Mr Carl Neville aka the mighty Impostume

(and anyone else who wants to get involved)

last year we did GREAT GUITAR RIFFS

this year I'm proposing

GREAT GUITAR SOLOS (and other tasty bits of lead playing)

to start things off - a real beaut from Buck Dharma

(solo starts at about 2-28)

i knew that i had crossed a line separating me from my postpunk past when i started to look forward to the solo in "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" rather than wishing it would get back ASAP to the Byrdsy main-song... indeed i wish the lead gtr break went on a bit longer, as it is rather brief and to the point, like this spire that just rises up and then quickly subsides

there is actually a radio edit version for solo-phobes... when it comes on the radio it feels as sacrilegious to me as the truncated version of FMac's "Sara"

random data-blip: i remember reading somewhere ages ago that the lady who wrote the lyric for "Reaper" gets a cheque every year for 25 thousand dollars or something like that, purely on account of its replay as FM radio perennial