Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Moment Worth Waiting For

Kevin Pearce of  Something Beginning With 'O' legend has a new book out - A Moment Worth Waiting For. Available as an e-book through Amazon for £4.50 or $7.63, it's "a mesmerising dub history of late 20th Century pop culture". Starting with "a two-year period at the start of the 1980s", it criss-crosses pop time "tracking where clues led and how things fit together", in the style of Your Heart Out, Kevin's celebrated e-zine of the past five years (and 50 issues!).

Many names here are familiar from the Pearce counter-canon--Vic Godard, Weekend, Pale Fountains, Watt & Thorn, Postcard, ZE, The Scars, Dave McCullough, Y, Linx, Eddy Grant, Compact, Carmel, The Wild Swans--but he wanders far and wide taking in such esoterica as Nigerian boogie, Greek neo kyma and Cuban nueva trova.  There is also a thrilling section tracing the cat's cradle of unlikely connections between Motorhead, New Model Army, Screaming Blue Messiahs, and the Amphetamine Reptile roster.

Only kidding!