Monday, July 21, 2014

bringing 88 back

I was never a patriot for house, like I was with certain other genres. But I'm totally  susceptible to "the feeling".


So is this...

And this next one was everywhere in 1993, played in all kinds of clubs. Did Jaydee ever do anything else on this sort of scale?

Surprising, puzzling, is the cultural staying power of house music. Never would have dreamed back in the early Nineties that house would even be around still in 2014, let alone be so big, such a widespread, inescapable template  - in the U.K., dominating the charts (and even pushing its way in there in the US now - how odd to hear Disclosure and Clean Bandit on  pop radio here in LA).

 But also runnin tings on the underground. 

"Like you bringing '88 back" !