Saturday, May 23, 2015

mouth music (Jamaica)

lotsa  extremism of the human voice on these two fabulous dancehall mixes from the mighty Man like Woebot  - first one slightly more ragga-y and rood, second leaning slightly more to mellowifluous + skankical - wicked blends both of known classics and recondite "persys"

Droid comes up with a tracklist for GPZ7900R, tunespotter supreme that he is

Eek a mouse - ??
Horace Andy - Spying Glass - Wackies 
Tristan Palmer - Spliff tail - Black Solidarity (Storm Riddim)

Michigan and Smiley - Nice up the Dance - Studio One (Real Rock Riddim)
Nicodemus - Dog is Better than a gun - Wild Apache (Shank I Sheck Riddim)
Michigan and Smiley - Disease - Volcano (Diseases Riddim)
Tenor Saw - Golden Hen - Hummingbird (Golden Hen Riddim)
Sophia George - Girlie Girlie - Winner (Girlie Riddim)
Reggie Stepper - Cu Unouh - Techniques (Stalag Riddim)
Nitty Gritty - Hog in a Minty - Jammys (Tempo Riddim)
Super Cat - Si Boops deh - Techniques (Boops Riddim)
Shelly Thunder - Kuff - Music Maker (Kuff Riddim)
Shabba - Roots and Culture - Digital B (Stalag Riddim)
Nardo Ranks - Burrup - Profile
Flourgon - Follow me go dancehall (Rap mix) - Soljie
Cutty ranks - Hitman - Fashion (Fever Pitch Riddim)
Ninjaman & Flourgon - Zig it up - Pickout
Cutty ranks - Pon Pause - Profile
Shabba - Respect - Shang (Hot Milk Riddim)
Tony Rebel - Chatty Chatty - Penthouse (Nanny Goat)
Shabba - Wicked inna bed - Digital B ( Love is not a gamble Riddim)
Marcia Griffiths/Tony Rebel/Cutty Ranks/Buju Banton - Discovery - Penthouse
Wayne Wonder - Id Die without you - Penthouse
Papa San - Hippity Hippity Hop - Powermatic (Sleng teng)
Louie Ranking - No Move (Hip Hop mix) - Massive B
Louie Ranking - Typewriter - Mesa
Supercat - Don Dada (Hip Hop mix) - Columbia
Shabba - Ting a ling (Hip Hop mix) - Epic
Dirtsman - Dance fever (Hip Hop mix) - Gold Disc
Shabba - Caan Dun - Steely & Cleevie (Punanny Riddim)
Capleton - Alms House - Xterminator (Muslim Riddim)
Buju Banton - Batty rider - Rudeboy Kelly (Batty Rider Riddim)
Ninjaman - The World - Volcano
Buju Banton - Mind behind the wind - Penthouse (Mind Behind The Wind)