Friday, May 22, 2015

mouth music news

Mega-expanded 2 CD reissue of the LP Hekura - Yanomamo Shamanism From Southern Venezuela originally released on Quartz Publications in 1980!!!

"Recordings from 1978 by David Toop of Yanomami ritual songs, shamanistic ceremonies, and rainforest sounds. The voices of spirits and animal familiars, ventriloquial illusions of sound in dark spaces, secret spirit languages, the clap of thunder that links shamanic trance with the sleep language of Finnegans Wake... Out of these passages of the everyday, intensity flares like flames caught by a gust of wind. Skin burns or oozes blood, the wind blows up havoc as the spirits move about. Both double CD and LP include 40-page booklet with text and pictures telling the full story of Toop's fascinating journey in 1978 through the Amazon jungle to meet and record the last Yanomami shamans. CD presented in six-page digipak. LP version. Mixed by Lawrence English."

More on David Toop as ethnological explorer and exotica fiend...