Wednesday, December 16, 2015

list less


1/ Future, “Fuck Up Some Commas” 
1/ Young Thug featuring Birdman, "Constantly Hating"
3/ Travi$ Scott, “Antidote” 
3/ Rae Smemmurd featuring Nicki Minaj and Young Thug, “Throw Sum Mo”
5/ Future featuring Drake, “Where Ya At”
6/ Jidenna featuring Roman GianArthur, “Classic Man” 
7/ Ty Dolla $ign, “Blasé”
8/ Daphne & Celeste, “You and I Alone”
9/ Future featuring Drake, "Jumpman"
10/ Kid Ink featuring DeJ Loaf, “Be Real”
11/ The Present, "Illusion"


1/ Future, DS2 
2/ Micachu and the Shapes, Good Sad Happy Bad
3/ Rae Smemmurd, SremmLife
4/ = Moon Wiring Club, Playclothes from Faraway Places
4/ = Moon Wiring Club, Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises?
6/ Ekoplekz, Reflekionz
7/ Aphex Twin, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP

not actually this year

Aphex Twin, “Original Chaos Riff"
Naomi Elizabeth, “The Topic Is Ass”
D'Angelo, "Prayer"


Jean Guerin, Tacet
Peter Zinovieff, Electronic Calendar: The EMS Tapes 
Aphex Twin megadump
David Toop, Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul – Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual 1978
Else Marie Pade, Electronic Works 1958-1995

creel pone

Randall McClellan, Interruptions
Peter Hubner, Faust
Robert Aaron, Datura
Klaus Hashagen, Percussion und electronik
Filipe Peres, Canto Ecumenico / Litania / Homo Sapiens
Maruo Bortoloitti / Walter Cranchi, Il Luogo Del Lavoro
Beverely De Fries D’Albert, Mental Sailing: Electronic Music Album Number 1
Frank Garvey, Omnicircus
Luc Marianni, Souvenirs Du Futur
Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda
Lunar Probe /Musique Pour L’Image
Andres Lewin-Richter / Anna Ricci 

1/16 postscript

a few I clean forgot to mention....

The Advisory Circle, From Out Here
Keith Seatman, A Rest Before the Walk
Visionist, Safe
The Weeknd, "The Hills" 

and some others I only just got around to hearing (been bit busy!)

Young Thug, Barter 6
twenty one pilots, "Stressed Out"
Mbongwana Star, From Kinshasa
Jenny Hval, Apocalypse, girl
Jlin, Dark Energy

Still nowhere near "50 Best" lunacy levels but creeping insidiously away from the initial impulse to list less -  to pare down to what I can remember - and to what I anticipate remotely desiring to listen to again in a year's time, let alone in ten years time  - the impulse that made me leave off things I admire but never actually listen to, like To Pimp A Butterfly (despite buying the CD) or Garden of Delete or Vulnerica  

(I seem to have developed masterpiece-aversion, something to explore later perhaps) 

Truth is that last year, like most of the preceding years, there was an oversupply of good or interesting records....  

You stack them up and the impression is of bounty and fertility

But why then did it seem, for most of the year, like nothing was happening in music? That things were completely inert...

I know that this was a common perception because I came across it being voiced in a bunch of quite different contexts

The perception feels true, still

A mystery to delve into at some later date....