Sunday, May 12, 2024

mixing it up with Matos

I had a ton of fun talking with Michaelangelo Matos for his substack Beat Connection - about Futuromania, electronic music, radio, my other books - with  the chat structured around five deejay mixes,  as that is Beat Connection's focus. The selection was bookended by two Radio One classics: John Peel's legendary Punk Special from December '76, Rustie's Essential Mix of April 2012. From back-to-barebones rock 'n'roll  to maxed-out neo-prog digi-dance. 

Along the way, I got reintroduced to these old favorites: UK garage from before either "speed" or  "2step" kicked in, which I first heard via another of Matos's selections: Tuff Jam's Underground Frequencies Volume One

Matos noticed that one of Basement Jaxx had some involvement in that gorgeous, gorgeous Mutiny track. 

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