Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Neil remembered


In tribute to Neil Kulkarni, the Chart Music crew - Al Needham, David Stubbs, Taylor Parkes, Simon PriceSarah Bee - have pulled together a eulogy-episode of the podcast dedicated to their late friend and co-conspirator. 

The four-hour special is woven out of each member's personal memories and thoughts about Neil as a man and as a writer, interspersed with a selection of the most entertaining and incisive Kulkarni contributions to Chart Music, drawn from across its 70-plus episodes to date. 

As you'd expect, the result is fond, funny, and painfully poignant.

Highlights of the Neil flashbacks include a paean to Cov's own Lieutenant Pigeon;  a harrowed account of the final days of Melody Maker (I hadn't realised that Neil had been on the staff, as Gossip Editor, during that grim twilight);  and a rhapsodic celebration of lifelong love Marc Bolan T. Rex

Neil sounds so alive

You can listen to Chart Music #74 - Neil  at Acast or Spotify 

The fundraisers for Neil's kids are still ticking upwards. 

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