Friday, July 05, 2024

World's feeblest "hooray" at the news that Keir Starmer has been appointed head of Delivery at GBC.

Shame he's such an uninspiring figure - that voice, that cadence. 

Shame too that Labour's policy "offer" (such a visionless term) is so modest. 

Pure joy, of course, to see the Tories ejected at last, in such large and specifically humiliating numbers. 

I suppose having some sensible, service-minded people in charge of things is a big improvement.

But the U.K. - the world - needs more than capable administration of the status quo. 

                                                "In a small country, dreams are filed away". 


  1. This is actually a comment for the newer post (ironic - comments activated except on the one I want to leave!), but it's odd that the interviewer frames it in the description as you boosting AI where everyone else is negating it, because that's not what comes off in the interview itself, nor is it what I've seen from your comments about it here.
    From critics I've known, being thought of as 'contrarian' is usually an annoying term of intended honor, and while I have no idea if you feel the same, it might be doubly annoying if you're not actually being particularly so

  2. For some reason, for there to be comments on Blissblog I have to allow it on each and every post - which is easy to forget to do.

    It's now opened there if you wish to re-comment

    But yeah not sure why that framing was chosen.... I guess with a quite extensive, rambling, yet nuanced chat, you have to pick some angle to pitch....


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