Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blimey, this makes the second person I knew (albeit only a little, in this case) before they were artists, who went on to be up for a Turner Prize. And in Elizabeth Price's case, won it.

(the other is Otolith Group)

Elizabeth, I have, uniquely, both interviewed (did a piece on Talulah Gosh for MM back in the day) and photographed. (The day I was there for the interview, the band -- who I knew from Oxford, Monitor cornerstone Chris Scott was the bassist --urgently needed a pic for the back cover of a single. Despite having zero ability in that department, I was recruited for the job.)

I remember Elizabeth (aka Pebbles) and Amelia Fletcher (aka Marigold) talking about Sixties grrl groops as proto-feminist, so it's interesting that Shangri-Las et al features in her video art.