Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Drummage #1

I could probably have picked a dozen songs by Fleetwood Mac, but this is the one that always stops my train when it comes on the radio.

On the face of it, a self-effacing, understated, completely non-flashy performance. But this is a classic example of the drummer's art. Laying the foundation, providing the spring in the step.   Power withheld, flaring up momentarily in the rolls and crashes around the chorus.  Mick Fleetwood here is yielding and unrelenting, tender and tough -- and thus in perfect empathy with the song and the singer. Soft rock at its hardest. 

 Here's a live version from the Rumours tour.

If I hadn't gone for "Dreams", I'd have picked "Sara", where Mick's playing pushes the restraint and steadiness of "Dreams" into a becoming-infinite trance, while Lindsay Buckingham's production makes the drums billow back and forth in the mix.

Of course you can't really talk about Mick separately from his other half, John McVie. I don't know much about McVie, about any troubles and woes he's endured in his life. But when he counts his blessings, I should imagine that right at the top would be the mind-meld between him and Mick.  Must be wonderful to have that kind of telepathic bond with another musician, and to have sustained it for so long.

There's a reason the band is called Fleetwood Mac.


First batch of nominations from the drummige cru - bloggers and readers - to follow later today