Friday, December 21, 2012

drummage #4

Quick one under the heading of "wattage" - examples of drumming that aren't particularly elegant or inventive but transmit a feeling of pure unstoppable power.

Can't remember where I read this (possibly Chuck Eddy in Stairway to Hell)  or who it was originally in reference to, but the phrase "generates enough energy to keep a hospital running" always springs to mind when listening to Ray Philips on this Budgie track from 1972:

Same goes for Mick Tucker here

That's lousy sound quality but picked for the view of Mick right at the start. This is better

Okay, bassist Herbie Flowers is the true star here, but drummer Jim Gordon is close behind. As well as power supply he also contributes a drum solo, but a pretty basic one.


That was actually a single and got into the Billboard Top Thirty in 1972.  It could almost be off Fly.

And finally Hugo Burnham, the man-machine.