Monday, December 24, 2012

drummage #6

That Sorrows song, "Take A Heart", the drumming touches a little on this thing I always picture as "rim of the crater"...

"Rim of the crater" = that circling, panoramic sweep thing drummers do. Involving the toms, right? The slower it's done, the more crater-ific...

E.g. "For Your Pleasure" -- at moments throughout, but especially from 2.20 onwards (when the "ta ra"'s start fading to the horizon).

Paul Thompson says his hero is Jon Bonham, but on that track he's nearer Jaki Liebezeit.

Well I was going to play Can's "Quantum Physics" next but it is not to be found on YouTube.  Indeed the rest of Babulama is blocked.  "Quantum" is a case of  cosmic crater. But it also has something insectile about it...  chittering and thorax-y.

Liebezeit-fan Steve Morris's most crater-y moment is probably this: