Friday, December 21, 2012

drummige cru, 5

Andrew Parker:

"Ride - Here and Now. Ride was briefly one of my favourite groups during my teenage years, in part, because of the terrifically kinetic drumming of Loz Colbert. Mixed beneath the walls of shoegaze guitars, his flurry of fills imbue a wonderful tension to the group’s debut album, Nowhere, always serving the song despite constantly threatening to spill outside the constraints of the guitar-based pop songs. If he’d played in a blues-based rock band in the 1970s, he’d be considered an absolute maniac behind the kit"

                    [in all honesty i never thought Ride would come up in a discussion of great drumming, rhythm, etc]

Douglas Keeley:

Silver Apples “Oscillations” -  "Just listen to the precision of the drumming and how crisp the snare and hi-hat sound! This song was really unimaginatively sampled by UNKLE for their track “Rock On” in the mid 90’s, but let’s not go there!"

                                          [cor, good choice]

"Silver Apples then got me thinking of garage rock, so here’s The Haunted’s “1-2-5” - which early incarnations of Loop used to play (c.1986)"


"and The Groupies “Primitive” 

                              [love it -- drummer's great but it's the crypt-like echo that makes the difference] 

"Finally, here’s Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” which I’ve included for the percussion break from 2m 37” to 3m 19”…"

 [righteous choice, those sploshy, laden-sounding ride cymbals and hi-hats.... i would however go, in fact i WILL, go for 'War Pigs' -- which, when it came on the car radio recently, prompted from my 13 year old son in the back seat an involuntary, virtually emetic reaction: "this is terrible music" [pause, then as if shaking his head in disbelief] "terrible music". i drily noted, while in mid air drum,  that it was only one of the greatest rock songs of all time, not that that cut any ice with Kieran. i never did establish whether it was ozzy's vocal, ah, 'grain' that distressed him so, or the bombastitude of the almost breakbeat like drum intro]

Marty Brown:

"Here's something from my home town of Melbourne, Australia. The band is My Disco and the drummer is Rohan Rebiero. An amazing combination of the minimal and the maximal."

Jake Smith:

"Enjoying the drum series, but, all very hip underground choices for the most part so far. Where are the in plain view greats? Thinking: Frank Beard of ZZ Top (La grange is great), Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Bill Ward, Neil Peart, Phil Rudd of AC/DC (laying down the solid groove you can dance and drink a beer to without spilling a drop), Charlie Watts. All these guys are so good they pretty much make my heart explode with joy and make my toes a tap, tap, tap. Give it up for the stadium monsters!"

[absolutely. indeed i'll probably be leaning that way, towards the obvious-er or at least the mainstream here on out. leavened with the odd obscurity. but i  appreciate the digging people are doing, some great rhythmic arcana being shared] 

" Marvin Gaye "T Plays It Cool" - This one was sampled a lot in hip-hop but already has a ready-made loop feel to it. Marvin does this fill and the end of the first four bars and it must have just seemed so good to him, that he just keeps doing it every time round, never really altering it or missing it out. There are changes in the groove's intensity, but the patterns with the killer open hi-hats remain throughout. "

"Inell Young "The Next Ball Game" - Filthy New Orleans business. James Black's drumming is so wild and in your face, it's like "oh, there's a song going on in there somewhere?" [warning sound quality is poxy on this -- sounds like it's being played by fleas inside a thimble]

"23 Skidoo - "The Gospel Comes To New Guinea"--  Ten-minute jazz drum showcase dressed up as apocalyptic industrial, innit. "

and finally (for now)

John Lydon:

[via Ashley Bodenham]