Wednesday, December 20, 2006

S-O-V on the OC, last week

the tune was "Love Me Or Hate Me" i think
(and is that descending electro blip riff nicked from Rhythmatic or Ability II or one of them bleep crews? sounds familiar)

and now I hear that she's going to be on the OC again, early next year, with--blimey--a cover of "Pretty Vacant"

ah the muscle of the mighty Jay Z!

M-E on the S-O-V CD, in the O-M-M

linked belatedly, reviewed prematurely (not out in the UK until March, heinously)

(trust me those typos are not my handiwork, especially not the mis-spelling of the artist's name at the top!)

mystified by the lack of love for Public Warning in the community--what's not to like?

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