Friday, December 22, 2006

these are my favourite individual pieces of music of 2006
scritti politti, “the boom boom bap”
scritti politti, “petrococadollar”
scritti politti, “snow in sun”
scritti politti, “e eleventh nuts”
scritti politti, “cooking”

scritti politti, "no fine lines"
scritti politti, "throw"
scritti politti, "road to no regret"
scritti politti, "robin hood"
mordant music, “we are the mean”

mordant music, "plant room"
mordant music, "man on a spool"
mordant music, “fallen faces”
burial, “forgive”
burial, “southern comfort”

burial, “gutted”,
burial, “u hurt me”
hot chip, “over and over”
hot chip, “the warning”
jay dee, “won’t do”
jay dee, "so far to go"
jake thackray, “country boy”
jake thackray, “it was only a gypsy”
jake thackray, “brother gorilla”
jake thackray, “on again on again”
jake thackray, “sister josephine”

lady sovereign, “hoodie”
lady sovereign, “love me or hate me”

lady sovereign, "public warning"
lady sovereign, “my england”

lady sovereign, "a little bit of shhh"
lady sovereign, "nine to five"
lady sovereign, "fiddle with the volume"
arctic monkeys, “mardy bum”
arctic monkeys, “red lights indicate doors are secure”
arctic monkeys, “riot van”

arctic monkeys, "still take you home"
arctic monkeys, "dancing shoes"
arctic monkeys, "the view from the afternoon"
arctic monkeys, "i bet you look good on the dancefloor"
arctic monkeys, "a certain romance"
ariel pink, “getting high in the morning”
ariel pink, “hardcore pops are fun”
joanna newsom, “emily”
belbury poly, “the people”
jarvis cocker, “quantum theory”
scott walker, “the escape”

clipse, "mr me too"
ricardo villalobos, "fizheuer zieheuer"

these are my favourite assemblages of 2006
scritti politti, white bread black beer

mordant music, dead air
burial, s/t
juana molina, son

lady sovereign, public warning
hot chip, the warning
arctic monkeys, whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not
belbury poly, the owl’s map

joanna newsom, ys
clipse, hell hath no fury

this is in a category of its own: admired but seldom desired
scott walker, the drift

these are some records from 2006 i found ear-catching/admirable/partially excellent

kode 9/spaceape, memories of the future
matmos, the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast
jarvis, jarvis (second side only)
johnny dark, can’t wait ep
thom yorke, the eraser
booka shade, movements
esg, “purely physical”
first nation, s/t
various artists, serious times
kudu, death of the party
the caretaker, theoretically pure anterogade amnesia

black devil disco club, 28 after
bass clef, a smile is a curve that straightens most things
xylitol, functionary
various, the world is gone
various, get physical vol II--4th anniversary label comp

espers, espers II
jay dee, the shining/the shining instrumentals
jay dee, donuts
tv on the radio, return to cookie mountain

panic at the disco!, "i write sins not tragedies"
wolf eyes, human animal
the knife, silent shout
squarepusher, hello everything

v/vm, sabam
ricardo villalobos, ach so EP
brightblack morning light, s/t
boxcutter, oneiric
om, conference of the birds
sunnO))) & boris, Altar

these are my favourite assemblages (re)released/reprocessed in 2006 but not recorded in 2006
jake thackray, jake in a box: the emi recordings 1967-1976
desmond leslie, music of the future
broadcast, the future crayon
byrne & eno, my life in the bush of ghosts

ariel pink, house arrest
the doors, perception
faust, faust IV
ike yard, 1980-82 collected
various artists, anthems in eden
delta 5 , singles & sessions 1979-81
blackbeard aka dennis bovell, strictly dub wize
this heat, s/t

the beatles, love

these are some of the non-sonix that grabbed me in 2006
dave peace, the damned utd
rosamund purcell, bookworm

stanley crouch, considering genius

these are some cool things i heard in 2006 that aren't out until 2007
infinite livez vs stade , art brut fe de yoot on big dada
the focus group, we are all pan’s people on ghost box
panda bear/excepter , "carrots/KKKKK" split 12" on paw tracks

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