Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"There's always tomorrow" -The SR

I got that in an email! Turned out to be a band called The Slack Republic.

It reminded me of this quote from a Burial interview in FACT that Sit Down Man You're a Bloody Tragedy highlighted a while back:

The tunes I loved the most…old jungle, rave and hardcore, sounded hopeful. It sounds stupid, but it’s like they were trying to unite the whole UK, but they failed. So when I listen back to them I get kind of sad. All those lost producers…I love them, but it’s not a retro thing: those tunes still sound amazing"

That had made me think of how, during my "Nineties week" a month or so ago, the music still sounded like the future--not a "lost future", sepia-tinted and pathos-laced, but actually like the future. The future that the broader culture had somehow retreated from. Like the furthest point on a trajectory. Or a bridge to tomorrow that was never finished, such that the music just hangs there, in space, poised, pregnant with possibility. But as much as this has something to do with the futuroid elements in the music, that feeling was conjured equally by the more soundtracky/melodic/arrangement side of the tunes. A feeling of optimism, confidence, eyes-on-the-horizon, hope.

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