Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ah but Owen, I think what Carl is really saying is: "I would like h-ological music just fine--if only it was completely unlike itself."

Bit like saying, "if only reggae sounded more like heavy metal, then it'd be good"

I don't think these are serious demands -- he isn't really calling for dance-able* or Dionysian h-ology -- really he's just expressing his primalist/visceralist preference.

It's not like there's exactly a dearth of full-blooded or physically-involving music out there in the world, though
-- quite the opposite.

Music that chills the blood,
slows the pulse,
depresses the vital(ist) signs,
might actually be a respite or remedy,
a haven from the forced and false energy of most pop/rock.

Ecstasy doesn't always have to take the form of frenzy.

* Anyway you could dance to it, or some of it, if you had a mind to: much of Mordant Music's album is faceless tekkno bollocks, and Belbury Poly's "Insect Prospectus" could rock a dancefloor, in a kitschy-eldritchy , queasily ceremonial sort of way, like a cross between Bentley Rhythm Ace and the Last Emperor.

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