Friday, January 19, 2007

oh the saintly patience of the Rolling Stone staff as they deal with the spoilt and delusional morons in their midst!

i mean at least on the White Rapper* show the contestants have a decent amount of knowledge and reverence about the craft in question, even a little humility... just some basic sense of what's entailed in order to be good...

but these kids!

the brat who, receiving a phone call from the magazine's founder telling her she's made the final cut for the competition, says "did you say your name was Ian Wenner?"

the twit who, asking Ghostface about a rumored Wu-Tang reunion tour, enquires "who's standing in for ODB?"

one flinches from imagining what the "thousands" of applicants who were turned away can have been like...

* putting to one side for now the contestants skillz, street cred, etc, it feels like the selectees got chosen in part because they are truly the whitest people on earth. one of the guys actually looks partially erased, like someone took the squidgy end of the pencil and rubbed all the color and shading out of his face. and the short-arse girl with dreads looks like she's made of veal.

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