Tuesday, January 02, 2007

on the back cover of the Christmas issue of Record Collector magazine, a full page ad for ABBA's Number Ones anthology

fulsome testimonials from pop stars galore -- Richard Ashcroft ("Dancing Queen makes a chemical react in my brain"), Jake Shears, Brian May ("ABBA have written some of the best pop music of all time"), Noel Gallagher, Peter Townsend ("SOS is the best pop song ever written").

And there's one from Madonna too.

It reads:

"Standing still when you hear Madonna is impossible"

Say what?!?!?!?

Am I missing something here? Is there, like, an Abba song titled "Madonna" tucked away on side two of one of the albums?

Or could it be the work of some Madonna-hater at the ad agency or working in Record Collector's ad department? Or even an unconscious typo, a kind of projected Freudian slip if you will, revealing true penetrates-to-the-core psychological insight.

Because you can imagine Madonna saying something that conceited, can't you -- blowing her own trumpet at someone else's tribute.

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