Friday, June 15, 2007

"looks out to sea like a pair of modernist Easter Island statues"

K-Punk on the hauntological coastal landscape of Suffolk, where he lives these days

no mention of one of Suffolk's finest sons, Brian Eno, born in Woodbridge. his
masterwork On Land was heavily inspired by that part of England.
"Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960" is just one of several hauntologically-tinged tracks (tres Boards of Canada, that title) on the album. See also "Lantern Marsh", named after a place in East Anglia, near where Eno grew up but an exercise in false memory ("my experience of it derives not from having visited it -although I almost certainly did- but from having subsequently seen it on a map and imagining where and what it might be" ) and "Leeks Hill" inspired by "a little wood (much smaller now than when I was young, and this not merely the effect of age and memory) which stands between Woodbridge and Melton."

Strangely Ghostbox fave H.P. Lovecraft wrote a story called "The Dunwich Horror" but it is about a fictional town in Massachusetts.

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