Sunday, June 24, 2007

Woebot on Mauve House

Love that filleting metaphor, that seems the “way ahead” (in the absence of an actual, erm, way ahead), to look for these threads or seams that run through the whole historical body of a music (or Music), secret passages or underground rivers. Unlike official genres though, these threads perhaps can only be identified retrospectively though.

At times “Mauve” as Matt describes/imagines it sounds a bit like House-Not-House,
(or even the Mutant Disco concept as exemplified less by ZE than say Sleeping Bag.)
But then again many of the people who would self-identify as House-Not-House half-a-decade or so ago, I expect Matt would consider too tasteful (or the wrong kind of tasteful maybe?)

Like I wonder if Basement Jaxx fit or are they too self-consciously messing with the house template. Are they perhaps not innately Mauve-souled enough to qualify for "Mauve" -- not effortlessly fruity, but kinda labored about their aberrations and aberrant-ness.

The colour-choice "Mauve" vaguely suggests Prince... maybe Prince* is the ultimate touch-of-Mauve to whatever genre he handles (well, when he was good at any rate, ie. half an aeon ago). So Dirty Mind would be Mauve New Wave...

And thinking Princely house, then Jamie Principle’s “Baby Wants To Ride” must surely be an ur-Mauve House moment

Or maybe not...

Is it all in the ear of the beholder?

*it’s weird how extremely rarely I feel the desire to listen to Prince, he used to be a god to me…

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