Sunday, June 24, 2007

trip the light fantastic

My little daughter had the first major aesthetic experience (pictorial arts division) of her nearly-sixteen months today, courtesy of ‘Untitled’ aka 'Dance Floor' by Piotr Uklanski, currently showing at the Guggenheim and something like a cross between Mondrian and the flashing floor tiles discotheque in Saturday Night Fever. You can see it here although to actually step across its surface and be in its rapid-flickering midst is WAY more kinetically hallucinatory than that pic suggests. This
one is better in terms of the intensity of the light but doesn't have the scale of the piece. Here's another and another. The soundtrack was things like Sean Paul and Missy Elliott.

I had to tear Tasmin off it in the end, she kept coming back for another go.

I liked Uklanski’s commentary that with ‘Dance Floor’ he was trying to create a work "that would be all generosity and no ideology. An object that would give and give and give but that would, at the end of the night, be unknowable, as its true nature resides in our own pleasure."

Here is an article from Artforum on the man and the piece, written by the improbably named Kate Bush

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