Friday, May 16, 2008

Goodies in the post: Data 70's Space Loops Volume One and Space Loops Volume Two. Good-looking (especially the former, a gatefold-sleeved double-7 inch with 16 tracks across four sides) and great-sounding contributions to the area that begins with H. (Naturally, when asked in Gutterbreakz's interview if they feel affinity with the memoradelic crew, Data 70 's Bob Bhamra and Jon Chambers politely shrug off the association). Although everyone in that field is influenced by library music or uses it as a sound-source in terms of samples, few have actually made anything that sounds like it could be modern-day library (the recently-started Mordant Music 'Travelogues' series of download-only releases, maybe...). But that's what Data 70's short themes sound like: yes, the imprint of the familiar constellation of talismans and touchstones is there but equally this is music that could only have been made after the 90s electronic moment.

I must say I was tickled to learn that Data 70 call their studio West Norwood Cassette Library, as West Norwood/West Dulwich was where I lived for about a year when I first moved to London from Oxford. And I recall that the local library's unusually good record section was one of the few redeeming things about the area (at least in 1986; maybe it's improved). That and the excellently serene cemetery.


A word also for bleaklow, the superb new release by V/VM alter-ego The Stranger, especially the queasy wilting synths and staggering punch-drunk beats of "Indefinite Ridge".