Thursday, May 08, 2008

what a wonker

Intriguing that "wonky" is the meme of the moment:

Wonky pop

Wonky dance*

Wonky design

(Or at least something close: a graphic aesthetic of wrong-as-right)

(And Momus connects it to music, mentioning at the end of that post that he's making a new album and trying to make it sound "wrong")

What does it say about where we're at?

* But isn't this just the "drill 'n' bass"/"eclectro" moment again? I.e. sameyness of scenius(es) prompting the inevitable willfully offkilter, riddmatically omnivorous, edging-out-of-your-own-genre responses.

I mean, Rustie's stuff is great fun but to my ears bears a similar relation to Terror Danjah that Plug did to Dillinja…

Certainly not quite enough to make me Believe in Beats again