Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I like it when an artist has a hit and then tries to repeat the exact same formula a couple of times (sometimes using the same keyword in the song title--as with Peter Frampton's run of "way" hits--seemingly in the hopes that people will buy it by mistake thinking its the first song, or just out of habit).

"Love Bug" [embedding disabled goshdarnit] doesn't repeat the title but does reuse "The Race Is On"'s love as athletic contest trope in one verse ("lost that race by a good old country mile" etc).

Then "I'm A People" [embedding forbad AGAIN!!] which has a six-string bass solo even more wetly reverby than the one on "The Race Is On" (but you really have to hear "Race" and "People" on record/CD, over a proper system, to get the full awesomely bass-twangy effect, courtesy Kelso Herston)

George terrific throughout, even though his prime mode is not uptempo shitkicking but the woebegone ballad, going "all to pi-i-i-e-ces"