Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Radif Kashapov from Saint-Petersburg writes to tell me that Russian jazz musician Alexey Kozlov formed an "Association of Post-Rock" in 1990! In Russian, post-rock is пост-рок apparently. Kozlov writes about it in this book. Not being able to decipher Cyrillic, I asked for eludication, and Radif explained that Kozlov thought пост-рок "was next step after art-rock, where 'rock'-part became less appreciable. Instead... jazz, ethno, avant-garde comes forward." Sounds pretty post-rocky. "So he tried to gather musicians to association. He failed, eventually." Sounds even more post-rocky.

(On which subject, we didn't call them the Lost Generation at the time, silly. At that point--1993/94--the UK postrock sector looked like, if not the way of the future, then at least something that had a future)