Monday, March 15, 2010

strange how pub rock is hip now, with the Ian Dury biopic, and Oil City Confidential

i've been obsessed with this one. those choogling gels. brilleaux's amphetamine-vehement gestures and hanky brandishing. the way the bassist holds his instrument.

Feelgood kinda only had the one song though ("Roxette" is a chip off the same block as "She Does It Right", similarly written around Wilko's no-plectrum-just-tough-as-ivory fingernails, hard-flecked rhythm-as-lead guitar)


Wilko left and John 'Gypie' Mayo replaced him as guitarist and co-wrote their other killer tune (and one big hit) "Milk and Alcohol" which i remember enjoying on the radio at the time

Brilleaux's complexion looks as unhealthy as a cross-section of his liver, he looks like he's got that smell people give off when they're sweating out the alcohol the next day