Thursday, April 29, 2010

less talk, more riffs

another example of Drops Away Syndrome, is how the distinction between Seventies punk and Seventies hard rock seems to fade to near-nothing as time goes by

e.g. compare these groovy bruisers

with these low-slung lean n mean anthems from the album that topped NME's Critics Poll in 1976


answering the call for alt-rock to get its due, plus long overdue appearance of womankind

is this a riff, or a groove? Whatever, pummeling, and reminds me of Led Zep's "Four Sticks"

also this, not quite a riff but more like a spasm, or a stab

heavy band, Throwing Muses


good riffological thoughts from Seb at And You May Find Yourself...

good Rockological thoughts from Cybore