Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"The world of late-period electronic music is a diffuse and diverse place. Predominantly based in London, but with satellite centres in such multicultural provincial cities as Bristol and Manchester, Britain is, however, its fastest-moving and most influential outpost. From breakbeat hardcore through drum and bass, UK garage, grime and dubstep, its changing genre names, fluctuating tempos, and associated cultural tropes are endless, not to mention endlessly fascinating. One thing all these forms share, though, is a gift for absorbing sonic ideas from far afield, incubating them, and eventually exporting them back to the rest of the globe."

As clear and succinct an exposition of the hardcore continuum as you could ask for. So doctrinally correct, and patriotic in tone, you could almost believe it was by yours truly. But it's not. It's by this chap.