Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"we were just into a Space trip"

Disco Discharge is a rather offputting title as compilation series go, but only seconds into the first track on Disco Discharge.European Connection (one of four CDs * that just arrived in the mail) it's sample epiphany time...



cute that they signpost the borrowing with the "we were just into a space trip" sample

* i guess this is the second batch (European Connection, Disco Boogie, Pink Pounders,Diggin' Deeper), and there were another four that came out several months ago...

the thing i find slightly off about these kind of genre-archaeology anthologies is that their inevitable slant to the obscure means that,in this case, disco = the tunes here by Constellation Orchestra or Vin Zee, as opposed to The Whispers's "And the Beat Goes On" or Heatwave's "Boogie Nights". Perhaps this comes from budgetary considerations (the obscure stuff can be licensed far cheaper) as well as the underground-ist/anti-obviousness bias of compilers and DJs. But the result (e.g. the line-up for the Classic Disco double-CD) is a kind of effective bias against commercial success. Which makes little sense in disco, where more often than not the best stuff rose to the top.

(both these songs reached #2 in the UK pop chart)