Tuesday, November 15, 2011

lotsa good stuff to read

james parker on bangs + works vol 2

leaving earth blog on reasons to be cheerful in this year's electronic music

reed scott reid on oneohtrix point never's replica

daniel lopatin on his favorite 13 albums

a feast of ferraro!
* interviewed by Elle (!)
* in altered zones
* in Dummy Magazine (in part 2 of this 90s-echoes/hypnagogia-moves-nearer-the-present piece by adam harper)

talking about Nineties: Giovanni Tiso at the 90s blog on Forrest Gump and much more besides

talking even more about Nineties (a different nineties, even): Kulkarni continues his triffic p***-r*** series at Quietus with a lovely piece on/interview with Insides. (With Main and Disco Inferno preceding it that makes 3 for 3 out of the 5 artists featured in my 1994 Wire piece on post-rock -- odd that, given that Neil's series is emphatically not about post-rock! What do you think, is the next one (on "the greatest album of the 90s") going to continue this run (could it be Seefeel? Techno Animal?) or will he do a swerve and write about Moonshake? Long Fin Killie?) (here's what i wrote about Insides back in the day, which was actually the very first time I used "post-rock", albeit adjectivally rather than noun-ally)

talking about Eighties (and a bit of late Seventies), Musical Urbanism's reet neet breakdown of New Wave's key figures/appealing features and follow-up post on same topic. (Been wondering for a while now if New Wave will ever have its day as a hip reference point/genre-mining seam?) (reminded me also that I need to get this book by Theo Cateforis)

talking about Seventies, greyhoos on Chris Burden

talking about Sixties (but also about now, and all the time in between) Robin Carmody on "the coming battle for the Beatles"

Matos's Oral History of... wait for it... the Oral History

more scrumptious word-cake from Reed Scott Reid, this time on Sun Araw's Ancient Romans

IMPLUVIUM (Official Video) - SUN ARAW from Daniel Brantley on Vimeo.