Sunday, November 27, 2011

when pop rocked

super graunchy guitar sound there

now this here Tommy James and Shondells tune doesn't get rockin' until about half-way through when a fab wah-wah solo takes off, that then becomes a fab wah-wah / fuzztone gtr duet. hang on for the weird-wobbly vocal science drop-out effect near the end

this doesn't rock, much, at all, but i always lump it together with "spirit in the sky" for some reason. 1970 too. Sideburns!

"You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" = one of the first pop songs that made an impression on me, i could tell it was slightly saucy

not sure if i heard this at the time... hairy palmed stuff

pretty certain i saw Alice do "School's Out" on TOTP. "Elected" is my favourite though

makes perfect sense, this team-up