Thursday, June 14, 2012

sub mission


the new issue of The Wire is a fun one: a special issue dedicated to bass, with four essays exploring aspects of low end theory and 75 micro-features celebrating favourite B-lines, bass sounds, baritone riffs, tectonic timbres, seismoscapes, etc.  I contributed three of these and they're all on the one page, because the list is alphabetical and my choices happen to start with T, U, and W.  About those particular riffs I'll say no more, but here's some other bass-faves I suggested but didn't write about.


and there I'll stop, although there's more, so many more...

one of the above, someone else wrote about in The Wire special -- have a guess which track

three of the above are played by the same bassist -- have a guess which ones and who


and hark, what's this? Meditate on Bass Weight - a Quietus piece on the bassic affinity between the Sunn O))) live concert experience and dance music.  Angus Finlayson deploys Julian Henriques's concept of Sonic Dominance  to explore and exalt the sub-rational impact of "primal frequencies that are felt not heard, resonating through the chest and the bowels, vibrating the soul" .... a rapture that hovers at "the border between tyranny and ecstasy"... Finlayson characterises Sunn O))) 's ritualistic performances as  "a kind of anatomical probing: where are our limits? What's the tipping point? About half an hour in, we reach it. By now, bass has filled the theatre, clogging every pore, an immaterial but impossibly imposing presence"


Q: Would it be possible to have a special issue about Treble? If not, why not?