Wednesday, June 27, 2012

smore bits on jackin' house 

in a way it reminds me just a bit of moombhaton, not really in direct sonic terms -- but in the sense of being fresh/buzzy/fun to listen, yet also a reconfiguration of known elements, the established palette, such that it's hard to pinpoint the newness....


ah seems like Bassline-fiend and North-supporter Continuum did start a Dissensus thread on it a while back, but the response was disinterest / derision from the assembled Dissenserati (and still largely is, now the thread's reactivated)

what is the etymology of this term Electroline then?


SWAG - a hilarious Jackin' House and Bass blog that Martin Blackdown spotted, which at first I thought had to be a spoof of some kind...


What a sick tshirt - 3 of our favourite things here at
SWAG blog! For those who do not know what DC10 is, its the home of jackin electro house in Ibiza. Its got red walls and fit lasses walk around in bikinis giving out free cat all night long while you dance the night away to mucky wobblers and deep bouncey chicago electro house beats. Its just round the corner from Cafe Del Mar (Where that song was made from kevin & perry) and the world famous OK Kareoke Bar. Personally i've never been to ibiza but me and the boyos plan to smash openings this year, tom's gonna put half oz of cat up his arse before we get ont plane so we can join the mile high cat club hehe naughty :P
I cant wait for all the ket, sex and kareoke, this lass has got it nailed on with this tshirt, if your wearing something with DC10 on it then you are the definition of SWAG...

We bet you cant wait to wrap your noses round these unreleased beautys, solid gold and look how shiney they are (wont be shiney when they are brimming with my boom cat :P) we have been busy makin these spoons over the past 2 weeks sorry if we havent been around much bt spoons come first as u all know, whats the point in going out if u dont have a spoon on?

here at swag HQ we are all still onit from weekend. been having a reyt time like, one of us mates went under and lost his clothes, cat, geebs and his spoon! hes proper gutterd... you can even see his cat dick on pic...hate it when that happens but its orite we used our new special program to hide his identificaton.

We all gettin off sesh soon so we save some dollah to get him a new spoon

Nuff luff swagsters!!! 
Keep it swag and Sesh on xxx


SWAG AS FUCK takes me back to my youth this un getting ketty ont dancefloor cos the girls love bass lol ;) x

what's with all the references to ket and cat?  do people really wear little spoons around their necks?
(a different spin on bumpin beats ....)


"this un"-- the tune that takes Mr Swag back to his "youth.. getting ketty ont dancefloor" is this, another top MC-based tune, but older -- from 2009

not sure about this one though. not at all

other stuff by this lot, who seem to be versatile to a Romney-like degree, sounds like moombhaton, or botched Tiefschwarz