Monday, June 25, 2012

Dude spots a sound that nobody else (in this sphere) seems to have noticed yet!

Jackin House

As he (Musings of A Socialist Japanologist) concedes there is something a bit
"hyperstatic" /  recent-dance-history-in-shuffle-mode about this Northern mixture of electro house, bassline, speed garage, 2step, dubstep, funky...

but, as in the Grand Tradition, the prominence of MCs lifts it above less-than-the-sum-of-its-parts

lots of luvly nuumy features noted by MoaSJ:

"tracks with a bassline/dubstep wobble are called 'wobblers'"

"tracks using the Double 99/187 Lockdown Speed Garage bass warp are, fittingly, called 'warpers'."

and that hallmark: "the surfeit of cheeky pop tune bootlegs"

by which MoaSJ means current stuff I assume

although he also posts the video for this gorgeously etheralised versioning of a 30 year old R&B hit....

yes that's Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody"....

 I like this formulation: 

"For now, it might be fair to call Jackin one of the first Metamodernist dance scenes, neither straight forwardly postmodern/revivalist nor jetting off into a modernist future"

which MoaSJ parallels with a lyric from the Majestic track in this Marcus Nasty mix

"We can't go back,
That's in the past when I reminisce now 
Bring on the future, here for the day,
I'll be making music come what may.
I don't come from the Old Skool,
But I got to big up the Old Skool"

we can't go back but (equally) the past is more present to us, more ransackable, than ever -- hence the way that "Ain't Nobody' sits next to Drake sits next to  Peggy Lee's "Fever" sits next to Notorious BIG next to MIA next to "Fix Up Look Sharp' in the bootleggers arsenal

then again, "metamodernist" is kinda where the nuum has always been at, if you think about it -- metamodernist is a flava-free synonym for "roots and future"

if nothing else (c.f. New Jersey Club)  it's a new twist in the ouroboros